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Two days before Christmas in 1913, Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act. The law sought to end bank failures by creating a central banking system. 

But a century later, the Federal Reserve has become an enabler of the financial havoc it was designed to prevent.

 A look at the Fed's history offers some insight into the problems.   

Federal Reserve system coin (FRSC) was born in the Federal Reserve 100th birthday.

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Currency Specifications


This's a virtual currency experiment at the Financial system function, the world of a not without inflation and devaluation, let us feel the true meaning of the Federal Reserve system.


December 18, 2013, the Fed announced its withdrawal of quantitative easing (QE), its withdrawal from January 2014, the monthly scale bond purchases will be reduced from 10 billion to 75 billion U.S. Five years ago, the Fed opened a lot of people have been likened to "printing machine" QE monetary policy.   

FRSC use scrypt algorithm,produce one blocks per minute, each block of the first year of a 20% reduction coins every 30 days,In the second year unchanged,third year decreased by 50% per year,the total mining time is infinite.